We are visiting your supported housing to see how things are going

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If you live in supported housing, you have the chance to talk to us at the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) when we visit.

The visit is known as an inspection. If you would like to talk to us, tell us or the staff when we visit. We can arrange an interpreter if you need one.


Why are we inspecting your supported housing?Lagbok

The law says that IVO must inspect supported housing for young people. Sometimes staff at the supported housing know about the inspection in advance and sometimes we turn up unannounced.


Can the inspections make a difference?

Yes. We examine the supported housing to see if they are following the laws and regulations in place. The most important thing is to make sure that you live in safe and secure housing, are listened to and get the support you need. If you think that something is wrong or needs to change, talk to the staff at your supported housing or social services first. If you don’t feel you are being listened to, or if you feel unsafe, you can talk to us at IVO.


If you are an asylum seeker and have questions about your asylum case, contact the Swedish Migration Agency. IVO does not work with asylum issues and can’t influence whether you can stay in Sweden.



What happens during an inspection?

At each inspection, we meet somebody who works at the supported housing and the young people want to talk to us. We want to know if you are happy, if staff are giving you the support you need and if you feel safe. Sometimes these conversations can take place via telephone after the inspection. Sometimes we might need to talk to the warden in the supported housing or social services about what has been said during the conversations.


What happens afterwards?

After the inspection we draw up a decision that explains how we have assessed the supported housing – if we think that there are things the staff need to change. The decision works as a report that also includes a summary of what you have said – without mentioning any names. You always have the right to find out what has been written in the report. Ask the staff at your supported housing. 


Contact us any time


If you want to talk to somebody at IVO before or after the visit, you can either call us or send an email to the people who visited your supported housing. The staff have our contact details. You can also contact the Children and Young Person’s Hotline (Barn- och ungdomslinjen) if you have questions about your rights or want to talk about what isn’t working well with social services or healthcare.