Complaints regarding health care

If you have observed or been involved in something in the healthcare system that you want to report to IVO, you can do so here. This is also where you submit a formal complaint.

Report errors or deficiencies

You can tip off IVO. You can choose to remain anonymous and your tip may form the basis of a supervisory activity by IVO. All tips received by IVO are read and compiled. If a tip is considered to be serious or urgent, it is forwarded to the relevant department at IVO.

You can phone with your tip to the Information Service on +46 (0)10-788 50 00 or you can use the online form.

Register complaint

Before you proceed and register a complaint, you must first of all contact the healthcare staff who examined or treated you. You can also contact the head of the unit if you are dissatisfied with the explanation given by healthcare staff, or if you do not feel that contact with staff is working. Explain your experiences and what your views are. You can do this verbally or in writing by letter or email.

You can contact the Patient Advisory Committee in your county council or region if you need support in passing on your views and complaints to those responsible in the healthcare system. The Patient Advisory Committee can also help you to get answers to your complaints.

You must receive an acknowledgement that your views have been received as soon as possible. If possible, you must also be notified of when you can expect an answer. How long this takes depends on, among other things, what you have complained or commented about. You should usually have received your answer within four weeks.

When you have received the answer, it must be given in a way that you understand it. You can receive the answer verbally, for example at a meeting or in a phone call. It can also be given in writing, for example in a letter. The level of detail in the answer depends on what you have complained or commented about.

If for some reason you do not receive an answer from the healthcare provider, or if you have not received a satisfactory answer, you can forward your complaint to IVO. It may be, for example, that the healthcare provider’s facility no longer exists, or that you are unable to contact the healthcare provider for safety reasons.

A registered complaint has limited confidentiality. This means that IVO normally issues the document to anyone who requests it, even if it contains information about health and personal circumstances.

As a rule, IVO also sends your complaint to the healthcare provider (e.g. hospital or clinic) you are reporting and to any members of staff you mention.

Form for registering complaint.

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