Would you like to apply for financial compensation?

Do you feel that you have not received the proper care or treatment and want to apply for financial compensation?

Then you can do the following:

  • In accordance with the Swedish Patient Injury Act, any person who suffers an injury in connection to health, medical or dental care in Sweden, can receive compensation, as long as the other provided conditions are met. For patients in the care of the county councils/regions, or of a private care giver in accordance with a care agreement/equivalent with the county councils/regions, there is a patient insurance covered by the patient Insurance Löf.
  • Does this apply to care that is not covered by the county council/regional patient insurance? You will have to ask what insurance company your private hospital, private dental clinic or care home is insured with, and contact that company directly. When it comes to private dental care, you can also contact the Private Dental Care Information Service.
  • If your provider of healthcare or treatment does not have patient insurance, then contact the Swedish Patient Insurance Association (PFF).
  • If you were injured as a result of medication, then contact the Pharmaceutical Insurer (LFF)