Notification of activities under the Patient Safety Act (2010:659), PSL

2022 feb 03

E-tjänster och blanketter

For healthcare providers that must notify their wish to start a healthcare service or make changes to an already registered service.

Bear in mind that before you register a new service, patient insurance must be in place

Under Section 12 of the Patient Injuries Act (patientskadelagen) (1996:799), healthcare providers must have patient insurance that provides compensation for injuries covered by the Act.

Services that receive commissions from the healthcare sector must also notify IVO of their activities. This may include, for example, sampling, analysis or other investigation as part of a patient’s health condition or treatment. If you have questions about how to notify IVO of healthcare services, please contact

Do not use a mobile phone to fill in the form

Our PDF forms are not mobile-friendly, so there is a high risk that the information you provide will not be saved. The text disappears and we receive a form without any content. We therefore recommend that you fill in the form on a computer.

Two ways to submit the form

Save the form on your hard drive and then send it as an attachment in an email to

Alternatively, you can fill in the form and print it out on paper. Post it to:

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104 30 Stockholm

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