Short period of supervision for schoolchildren over the age of 12 (LSS)

Children over the age of 12 with functional impairments, who have guardians with paid employment, are entitled to a short period of supervision outside their own home.

The service is offered before and after school, during holidays, on teacher training days and during longer holidays. The short-term supervision is intended to offer relaxing and active leisure time in a secure environment with positive adult role models. It is intended to promote a sense of community and provide physical and psychological stimulation. The need for supervision can vary greatly, and must therefore be flexible.

There must be a supervisor for the service, who is responsible for the daily work and for ensuring that the service is conducted with good quality and provides good care.

Application for permit

Swedish regulations

Legal requirement for authorisation/licensing

Short period of supervision

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The requirement for register control of personnel

Management system for systematic quality work

Legal obligation to report concern for a child's welfare