Supported housing (SoL)

Supported housing is separate housing with individualised support for children and young people aged 16-20. Special reasons must apply for children aged 16-17 to be able to be placed into supported housing.

Supported housing may consist of a certain number of apartments and/or cohesive accommodation.

The target group for assisted living may be

  • Children and young people who have come to Sweden as unaccompanied minors.
  • Children and young people who have previously been provided other services (eg. HVB) by social services for social problems.
  • Children and young people who live in troubled or otherwise unsatisfactory circumstances at home.

The scope of the service must be adapted to the individual's needs and background, and be designed so that the stay is perceived as being meaningful.

Application for permit

Swedish regulations

Legal requirement for authorisation/licensing

Supported housing

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Management system for systematic quality work

Legal obligation to report concern for a child's welfare