Logotyp IVO

The IVO Information Helpline for Children and Young People

– when you want to know more about your rights or just tell us about something that is not working out as you expected.

You are entitled to good health and social care. This means, among other things, that it should be easy for you to seek and get help if you are ill or are struggling with poor mental health.

It is the responsibility of IVO (the Health and Social Care Inspectorate) to make sure that the Social Services and the healthcare sector observe current laws and regulations. If you feel that the people you meet in the health and social care sector are not listening to you or respecting your rights then you can contact IVO to:

  • ask about your rights
  • tell us about what does not seem to be working out in the health and social care you currently receive.

Talking to us is free and anonymous and we can also arrange for an interpreter, should you need it.

Please do no hesitate to contact us! We are here for you!