Circumcision services

Anyone wishing to start a service for performing circumcision on boys must follow certain laws and regulations. The Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) may issue authorisation to perform circumcision, and also exercises supervision over the service.

Only qualified medical practitioners or those who have special authorisation from the IVO may perform circumcision on boys if they are under 2 months old. If the boy is over 2 months old, the circumcision may only be performed by a qualified medical practitioner. During the procedure, the boy must be given pain relief by a qualified doctor or nurse, under satisfactory hygienic conditions.

If the boy is of such an age that he may understand what the procedure entails, he is entitled to be given adequate information on what is going to happen. The boy's attitude towards the procedure must also be determined. The procedure may not be performed against the boy’s will.

Special authorisation to perform circumcision may be provided to a person who is proposed by a faith community. Authorisation is granted by the IVO upon application.

The IVO also exercises supervision over this service, both as regards qualified care staff and people who have special authorisation to perform circumcision. The IVO has the right to inspect the service and obtain all information and see all documents necessary for authorisation.

If a person performs a circumcision in an incompetent or inappropriate way, the IVO may revoke the authorisation. The decision to revoke the authorisation will take effect immediately.

Anyone who circumcises a boy without being a qualified medical practitioner or without special authorisation will be fined or sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months.

Application for permit

The applicant must have the knowledge and experience required to perform the circumcisions in a way that corresponds whit what is phrased as scientific and proven experience within the Swedish healthcare.

The applicant must, aside from filling out the application form, certify his or her knowledge by attaching certified copies of education and previous training in the field.

The applicant should also certify his or her skills through

  • name references with knowledge and/or experience of previous activities within the field
  • personal statement and description of previous experience within the field
  • state methods, pain relief and aftercare which are intended to be used
  • state his or her knowledge of the field according to Swedish healthcare
  • account for types of complications that occurred in connection with procedures you've been performed or attended, and how these where corrected.

The applicant should also name references that can validate that he or she in all intents and purposes are suitable to perform non-therapeutic circumcision.

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