Personal assistance (LSS)

Personal assistance is a personally designed support which is provided to people who, due to serious and long-lasting functional impairments, need help to accommodate their basic needs.

Personal assistance may be provided to people who belong to category 1, 2 or 3 according to Article 1 of the LSS. IVO issues authorisations to provide the service in the form of a company and receives notifications from assistance users who arrange their own assistance (who employ their assistants themselves). IVO also exercises supervision over how the service is operated.

Application for permit

An application for permit should be submitted in writing. You can choose between e-service or form: 

Application for permit Personal assistance (LSS) (Swedish)

When applying for a permit to provide personal assistance, it is of utmost importance to clearly describe how the provider will adapt the services for each individual as best as possible.  It is also important to ensure that each question is answered and that all requested appendices are submitted with the application.

If you employ a personal assistant yourself

For a company to receive authorisation to provide personal assistance services, the person seeking authorisation is required to show that the owner and management have sufficient knowledge and experience. The company's representatives must be able to show that they are familiar with the requirements that are in place in accordance with the LSS and other relevant legislation.

IVO also assesses the suitability of the owner and management, inter alia. The assessment of suitability includes the operator, e.g. a company which is seeking authorisation. The management and owner are also assessed, but other physical persons who are judged to have a decisive influence over the service, e.g. through their position, are also included.

If you employ a personal assistant yourself, you don't need an authorisation from IVO but you must notify IVO of your service.

Swedish regulations

Legal requirement for authorisation/licensing

Lag (1993:387) om stöd och service till vissa funktionshindrade (LSS)

Förordning (1993:1090) om stöd och service till vissa funktionshindrade

Lag (2010:479) om registerkontroll av personal som utför vissa insatser åt barn med funktionshinder

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