Sheltered housing (refuge) (SoL)

Sheltered housing, or refuge, is a form of residence within social services that provides for temporary 24-hour stay together with targeted support for individuals in need of protection from threats, violence or other forms of abuse.

Adults and adult carers accompanied by children may be admitted to a sheltered housing.

The intervention is intended as a response to a need for residence and protection in an acute situation and to facilitate transition to an independent, safe and secure life with permanent housing.

The support is in the form of interventions strengthening the ability to manage independently and may cover safety planning, advice, facilitation of contacts with authorities, dialogue and practical assistance with daily living. Interventions for children may also cover safety planning, information, help with homework and support with processing experiences of violence.

If the service accepts adults with accompanying children, it has to be suited to children’s needs.

Application for permit

Application for permit sheltered housing (SoL) (Swedish)

Swedish regulations

Legal requirement for authorisation/licensing

Lag (2001:453) socialtjänstlagen (SoL)

Förordning (2001:937) Socialtjänstförordning

Regulations, manuals and knowledge support at the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen)

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